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Wet Sisters 05AB set

Product number: 05set
Series: set Wet Sisters
Genre: Wetlook
Dealers: WET GIRLS with school uniform and suit

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2800JPY (Including tax)
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TypeImage qualityReplay time
mp4 10,450kbps
13 minute, 1 seconds
mp4 3,950kbps
13 minute, 1 seconds
mp4 1,850kbps
13 minute, 1 seconds
mp4 10,250kbps
11 minute, 35 seconds
mp4 3,250kbps
11 minute, 35 seconds
mp4 1,900kbps
11 minute, 35 seconds

Product Information

It is a set of Office Lady Special and SCHOOL WET SPLASH multiple collaboration piece fifth bullet Office Lady Special and SCHOOL WET SPLASH multiple versions.
 Save money than to buy separately on its own! Sister my sister served as a teacher at the school and high school students are suffering from career in his hometown coincidentally played a reunion after a long time... the story begins with the setting. My sister is with thin stripes, really Mr. classic black suit.
 My sister is a mini dark blue pleated skirt has cute summer clothing sailor clothes. Falls and continue toward the two men.

Even though summer was cold from the head water of quite courageous, which take a cold water from your toku頭 falls together two people.
Office Lady Special version [video: 13: 01]

WET SPLASH multiple versions [video: 11: 35 pm] * See sample videos in the corner of each version.

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