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NANA dirty feet-judo, hen ~


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Product Information

It is a dirty girl NANA-CHAN's foot.

The theme's Judo Club members of dirty soles!
Judo Club belongs to NANA-Chan must be barefoot on mats outside.

It is a practice barefoot corridors, outdoor, where I usually wear slippers or shoes.
As a result, the soles of the feet in black.
So it is no surprise for Judo team members were
Dirty soles embarrassed without here will be turned.

Dirty sole fetish you cannot suppress the excitement.
The soles look during a break.
The back of the foot looks when you sit.

The back of the foot looks on during a practice match.
You will find the same Judo Club members?
With it are practicing next to other Club members?

Delusion and enjoy!
We have this very nice mess.
This dirt is a masterpiece!

Please enjoy it!

Of course for extras during shooting videos with!
4 ZIP file (155 photos) Bonus video 7:43

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