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Ami stockings & raw soles


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File List: 無期限視聴,スマホ視聴可

TypeSizeImage qualityReplay timeDRMStreamingDownload
zip 289.85MB None impossible possible
zip 293.80MB None impossible possible
zip 303.51MB None impossible possible
zip 296.05MB None impossible possible
zip 296.24MB None impossible possible
zip 295.40MB None impossible possible
zip 261.88MB None impossible possible
mp4 292.28MB 5,850kbps
6 minute, 40 seconds
None impossible possible
mp4 756.24MB 15,100kbps
6 minute, 40 seconds
None impossible possible

Product Information

Ami would somehow spring affinity for stockings & life is the back of the foot.

Ami-CHAN's foot size is 23.5 cm.

Drying seems weak, I kinda rough, but also it is also good.

Is not in shape is a little wide, so wide is unbearable.

Feature of Ami-Chan is "somewhat familiar".

Mint sister sister Mint Mint friends, cool Mint relatives.

Ami so be it your close.

So familiar girl sole is also very erotic or of is not.

We did a shoot with stockings, leg, and disc irrigated back and Ami-CHAN

Enjoy fully up to wearing a pose from their everyday soles soles.

And we will attach this also by different staff behind the scenes videos!

Enjoy it!

(1) number of images: 170 sheets size: 6000 x 4000

(2) image video: MP 4 format 1920 * 1080 p 6 ' 40 "

* This product we are compressed into zip files, so unzip, Lhaca soft and unpack.
* Sale now terminate the sale without notice.
In addition, about end-of-work, we do not resell previously please. The purchase of works that I will be please to you as soon as possible.

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