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Some hot spring footbath


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300JPY (Including tax)
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Product Information

Hey, stretch your legs, came to some hot springs.

Nice well, country, time flows slowly.
Town is free of foot and focus on a single one of its...
Reluctantly, the hot story is focused on the good hot water footbath

Whats up tsukarasete slowly
The will of local people or those unthinkable in Tokyo and soak in the foot

Talking on the phone, I read brochures and pleasant looks good
Gander just going to stare, I wonder?

The sole of the foot in slow and cannot see the calm
Say, and quite mikomanai until the foot is a foot from invisible back!
Was catch the God-tinged chance put SLR angle foot soles

I stumbled across it.
The actual distance and I are pretty close, so artificially manipulate the camera it was difficult

Worked perfectly and was let me worship in almost perfect shape
All real Gucci's, because it was a tough angle in early position

I moved to the neighbor on the other side (close)

Private, was younger at the back.
Here, we provide as a service clip is
You may terminate the sale without notice.
In addition, about end-of-work, we do not resell previously please.

The purchase of works that I will be please to you as soon as possible.

Foot videos MP 4 format 1920 * 1080 p 6 ' 22 "
-Models we make must be at least 18 years of age
-Shooting we agree on,
And there is no child pornography works
• Is based on the terms of use content And with the original work, prohibits unauthorized reproduction, copying, distribution

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