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Limited express ' hatsukari No.11 "ride

Genre: Train
Dealers: Pine sheds

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Aomori Ueno published "hatsukari 11 issue".
"Hatsukari" is the important L limited express between Tokyo and Hokkaido earlier opened the Tohoku Shinkansen, organized by 485-583 series 12-car dining car also connected to the organisation, suitable for long distance trains くすぐりました Wayfaring. "No. 11" left the Ueno 15:30 and could connect to late-night of the Seikan ferry flights in Aomori, 乗り継げ express train from Hakodate, ば札 hood was to arrive at around 9:.
Aomori arrival from Ueno train caught announcements were part of each major station. Recording: 12/29/1981, duration: 34:18