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[360VR] shoot cosplay of Buruma with 360 degree camera

[360VR] shoot cosplay of Buruma with 360 degree camera
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File Name Size Image quality Replay Time Streaming Download
222.35MB 15728Kbps 1m52s impossible possible

Announcement of the Windows Media Player support end
Support end July 15, 2015 files that use WMDRM in Windows Media Player I was no longer able to play.Please be played in streaming.Please to play by installing this player if you want to download

Product Information

Recently, I feel immersive when I use VR goggles to watch a video shot with a 360 degree camera.
I saw it in a video shop, but now I am making videos myself.
If you upload it to YouTube and play it on your smartphone and watch it with VR goggles, it is already another world.
It feels as if you were there.
Recently, VR goggles have become so familiar and cheap that they are also sold by Daiso.

The important thing here is to fix it in your head properly without bothering.
Then you can see the VR video with both hands free.
Then I have a great sense of immersion. This is.
It is probably because even the muscles of the body are being cheated.

Here is an image taken with a 360 degree camera called "Kodak PIXPRO SP360".
You can shoot all the half spheres of 360 degrees horizontal and 214 degrees vertical.
You may enjoy it as it is, or you may try it with 360 degree video software.
VR goggles is the best recommendation! !

It is the original data of the video released as VR for YouTube in the blog.
It is for people who want to play with data by themselves, or who want to enjoy it locally.

Playing time: about 1 minute 52 seconds
Frame: 1440 x 1440
Size: about 212MB
Format: MP4 format
Voice: Yes

If you like, please send us your comments, requests, and delusional ideas through comments.
I would like to refer to future shooting.

・ Introductory sentences etc. are fictitious ones to enjoy the animation.
・ We can not respond to returned goods or complaints, etc., for personal shooting.
・ There may be noise during shooting / editing.
・ A character is confirmed to be 18 years old or older, and taken with permission.
・ The terms of use and contents in violation of the laws in Japan are not included at all.
・ We prohibit all acts such as reprint, resale, reproduction, transfer, second use, publication.