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[Fetish world M man] transformation? I asked a housewife to do "toothpaste" and drank garbled water.

[Fetish world M man] transformation? I asked a housewife to do "toothpaste" and drank garbled water.
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311.37MB 9009Kbps 4m30s impossible possible

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Product Information

This time, I participated in the planning of [fetish world] as M man.

Images taken in earnest will be published on the [Fetish world] -like page, so please enjoy them together.

This time, housewives participated,
Thank you for fulfilling your desire for transformation of M man.

Please do your best to brush your teeth.

And, I had delicious water that garbled.

Water mixed with toothpaste and housewife's mouth is
It was a refreshing taste, just like a soft drink.

I can not wait to look at it and despise me.

Playing time: about 4 minutes 30 seconds
Frame: 1280 x 720
Size: about 296 MB
Format: MP4 format
Voice: Yes

If you like, please send us your comments, requests, and delusional ideas through comments.
I would like to refer to future shooting.

・ Introductory sentences etc. are fictitious ones to enjoy the animation.
・ We can not respond to returned goods or complaints, etc., for personal shooting.
・ There may be noise during shooting / editing.
・ A character is confirmed to be 18 years old or older, and taken with permission.
・ The terms of use and contents in violation of the laws in Japan are not included at all.
・ We prohibit all acts such as reprint, resale, reproduction, transfer, second use, publication.